This footbridge conference is the continuation of a long set of Conferences that started in Paris in 2002, followed by cities as Porto, Venice, Wroclaw, London and Berlin.

The present edition tries to follow the aim of the Berlin’s 2017 conference. In that case the moto of the congress was ‘tell us a story’; now we want to know more about the feeling and experience of users, owners, designers and constructors.

In Madrid we would like to create an atmosphere where all of us can share our positives and negatives experiences in competitions, during designing or in construction. We would like also to open the conference to public and the Administration to discuss and confront the way of perceiving footbridges and their experiences as users or owners.

For that we prepare the following themes:

  • Footbridge competitions: experiences
  • Footbridges as an important part of a system: the context as an experience
  • Bringing life to existing bridges: Experience on bridge transformations into footbridges or cyclist paths.
  • Extreme experiences: long span suspension bridges in remote places.
  • User experience on the bridge: staying, marketing, feeling vibrations, etc.
  • Learning from experience: how overcoming to failure in procurement, designing, etc.
  • Experiences of the future: experimentations
  • Sharing your experience: bringing footbridges for human survival. Footbridges in underdeveloped areas